• Model: 30-649
  • Manufactured by: GARDINER POLE SYSTEMS
$250.00 CAD

Standard Modular Extension #10 can be fitted onto a Super Max 50 or onto the SLX 39 & Super Max 45 with an Extension #9 fitted

Standard Modular Extension #10 can be fitted onto an Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47

We recommend that no more than 4 of these are used with an Xtreme 47 pole

If wanting to use 4 extensions on an Xtreme 47 then all extensions would need switching to the High-Strength versions

Do not use 3 of these on an Xtreme 47 pole with the High-Strength versions added to the bottom

Please note that they may not be fully telescopic if using with a 3K 9 section pole

Please note that when fitting to a 9 section telescopic pole this section will not fully close up on the pole due to the stepped base part. This also means that the #10 clamp will not meet up with the base of the #9 clamp.

Extra Working Reach: 5.25ft