• Model: 37-206
  • Manufactured by: MIO MECHANICAL
$5,700.00 CAD
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All MIO roof riggers incorporate a triangular design for strength and stability. They assemble & disassemble in minutes without tools. Easily positioned, they provide a safe and secure transportable anchorage point. When disassembled, the parts easily fit in any elevator cabin or through any roof hatch. All models feature pneumatic rubber tires with two independent locking brakes. The lower beams are easily lifted up and placed back in seconds in order to pass over vent pipes & other rooftop obstructions. MIO aluminum roof riggers are available with 3 different frame sizes to fit virtually any roof design, available with 2 or 3 foot outreach. They are OSHA, CAL. OSHA, and ANSI compliant & are chosen by professionals worldwide for their stability, ease of setup and durable long lasting construction.

Model MRR-26 MIDI
Outreach (ft.)  
Span from front
to rear wheels (ft.)
Counterweight (lb.) 504(12@42)
Unit weight (lb.) 130
Maximum working load (lb.) 250
Working load w/ tools (lb.) 300
Tested Static Load (lb.)(CAL OSHA) 1000
Locking breaks - front and rear wheels (in.) 2
Forged eyebolts for tie-back diam.(in.) 1/2
Counterbalance safety factor 4:1
Distance from roof to anchor point (in.) 52
Inside parapet wall clearance at
shoulder (in.)
13" diameter Pneumatic Rubber
tires, qty.