• Model: 35-700
  • Manufactured by: MSA
$70.00 CAD

Workman Energy-Absorbing Lanyard #10072474

Length can be adjusted from 4' to 6'.  When free-fall distance can exceed two feet, use a lightweight, low-profile Workman Energy-Absorbing Lanyard. The energy absorber not only limits force on the body in a fall, but also on the anchor location. The shock absorber includes a clear, durable protective cover over the labels to increase service life and allow for easy inspection.

When a fall occurs, the sudden stop caused by the fall arrest system submits the human body to a high impact force (the longer the free fall, the higher the force). The purpose of the shock device is to lower the shock loading on the body by dissipating kinetic energy & limiting deceleration forces during fall arrest. Includes a double locking snap on each end.